Oct 02,2018

Lynx has been mandated by TSSM Sdn Bhd to manage the due diligence process for the development of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Malaysia, which would be created as an International Enclave & Innovation Hub with the objective of attracting global talent and capital. This mandate involves the analysis of various potential landholdings, a detailed market analysis of Malaysia and the proposed regions, an in-depth look at current immigration laws and incentives both in Malaysia and the region, and a review of global strategies and requirements to attract the desired high-tech and entrepreneurial talent with One-Stop-Shop facilitation. As conceptualization is firmed up and the target industries / business entities agreed with the Proof of Concept, the next stage of the mandate is to conduct a feasibility study and full due diligence, and manage the drawing up of a strategic Masterplan to address the needs of the Innovation Hub. The Masterplan’s objective is to enhance the complementarities and infrastructural links of the local area and also draw on a wealth of comparative studies to take into account all the elements necessary to make the SEZ a competitive durable city of the future i.e. a smart, sustainable and green city.